«Polyvox» VCF Clone by Marc Bareille

«Polyvox» VCF Clone by Marc Bareille

The option of recreating the legendary voltage controlled filter built in the USSR by Vladimir Kuzmin



Bill of materials


Designed and produced in the USSR, the mono analog synthesizer Polivoks gained its fame in the west due to the unique sound of the filter implemented inside it. Baptized as “Vodka Filter” (Vodka filter) with the ability to switch between bandpass and low-frequency modes of operation, this filter has become the object of attention of many musicians, both amateurs and professionals.


К особенностям своей версии Марк относит:


Project schematics / «Polyvox» VCF Clone by Marc Bareille
Title Version Creation date Copyright notice Software Download link
Filter Core

The core schematics of Mark's version

0.9 9/13/2018 Marc Bareille, Vladimir Kuz'min DipTrace Schematics Download PDF
Вариант панели

Вариант панели

0.9 7/11/2019 Владимр Кузьмин, Марк Барей DipTrace Schematics Download PDF

Bill of materials

Filter Core (version 0.9)
# Value Quantity Designator Comment
1 2N3904 1 Q1
2 TL072 2 U1, U3
3 LF351 1 U2
4 UA776 2 U4, U5
1 10k 3 R1, R10, R24
2 162k 1 R11
3 100k 8 R12, R15, R16, R23, R4, R5, R6, R9
4 110k 2 R13, R14
5 47k 4 R17, R19, R20, R3
6 1k 4 R18, R22, R25, R8
7 3k 1 R2
8 27k 1 R21
9 220k 1 R7
1 10uF 2 C1, C7
2 .1uF 10 C10, C11, C12, C2, C3, C4, C5, C6, C8, C9
3 1uF 2 C13, C14
1 Bead 2 L1, L2
1 3.96/3P 1 J1
2 2.54/2P 3 J2, J4, J6
3 2.54/3P 1 J3
4 2.54/4P 1 J5
# Value Quantity Designator Comment
Variable Resistors
1 100kl/Lin 3 VR1, VR3, VR4
2 47k/Lin 1 VR2
1 2.54/4P Female 1 J3
2 2.54/3P Female 1 J4
3 2.54/2P Female 3 J5, J6, J9
1 Jack In 4 J1, J2, J7, J8
Marc Bareille
Marc Bareille

French SDIY Enthusiast, France

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Vladimir Kuz'min
Vladimir Kuz'min

The developer of legendary soviet «Polyvox», Russian Federation

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