Yves Usson's Clock Divider

Yves Usson's Clock Divider

Easy-to-build synchronization source for up to three devices with the ability to divide the main clock



Bill of materials


The module can be used as a synchronization source for step sequencing or for triggering events. It provides a way to synchronize up to three step sequencers with different frequencies from one external main clock generator, and the main clock cycle can be divided into 1 (no change), 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 or 8 independently of each other.

Three dividers can be synchronized with the same clock signal at input No. 1, but for the second and third dividers different main clock pulses can be used by connecting them to inputs 2 and 3. Split clock signals are available at outputs 1, 2 and No. 3 with status display using LEDs. All outputs have the same pulse width as external clock pulses.

To synchronize dividers is intended to input "Reset".


Project schematics / Yves Usson's Clock Divider
Title Version Creation date Copyright notice Software Download link
Original version

Original version

0.9 12/13/2018 Yves Usson, redrawn by Delian Diver DipTrace Schematics Download PDF
Панель (оригинальная версия)

Схема внешних подключений (оригинальная версия)

0.9 12/29/2018 Ив Уссон DipTrace Schematics Download PDF

Bill of materials

The original Yves version
# Value Quantity Designator Comment
1 1N4148 16 D10, D12_1, D12_2, D12_3, D18, D24_1, D24_2, D24_3, D25_1, D25_2, D25_3, D5, D6, D7, D8, D9
2 BC547C 11 Q12_1, Q12_2, Q12_3, Q13_1, Q13_2, Q13_3, Q18, Q19, Q33_1, Q33_2, Q33_3
3 CD4017 3 U24_1, U24_2, U24_3
4 5.1V 3 ZD33_1, ZD33_2, ZD33_3
1 10R 2 R1, R2
2 22K 8 R12_1, R12_2, R12_3, R13_1, R13_2, R13_3, R21, R22
3 1M2 3 R14_1, R14_2, R14_3
4 220 3 R15_1, R15_2, R15_3
5 1M 4 R16_1, R16_2, R16_3, R20
6 100k 2 R18, R19
7 22k 3 R24_1, R24_2, R24_3
8 4k7 3 R25_1, R25_2, R25_3
9 1K 6 R26_1, R26_2, R26_3, R34_1, R34_2, R34_3
10 202k 3 R27_1, R27_2, R27_3
11 220R 3 R33_1, R33_2, R33_3
12 1K5 3 R35_1, R35_2, R35_3
1 10uF/25V 2 C1, C2
2 1nF/Poly 1 C18
3 .1uF 3 C24_1, C24_2, C24_3
1 Bead 1 L1
1 3.96-2P 1 J1
2 2.54/4P 2 J2, J3
3 2.54/6P 1 J4
4 2.54/9P 3 J5, J6, J7
Панель (оригинальная версия)
# Value Quantity Designator Comment
1 Red LED 3mm 3 LED1, LED2, LED3
1 2.54/9P 3 J1, J10, J4
2 TS Jack 5 J11, J12, J2, J3, J9
3 2.54/4P 2 J5, J6
4 2.54/6P 1 J7
5 TS Jack (switched) 1 J8
1 Rotary Switch 8P 3 S1, S2, S3
Yves Usson
Yves Usson

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