Timbre Modulator of Scott Bernardi
Wave shapers

Timbre Modulator of Scott Bernardi

Дисторшн управляемый напряжением с характерным ламповым привкусом
Power supply units

Биполярный модуль питания с шиной на +5V. Версия 2

Положительная и отрицательные шины (+/-10 ~ 17V) на базе LM723CN и отдельная шина +5V
Power Utilities

Модуль распределения питания с функцией управляемой задержки

Подключаем нагрузку к БП последовательно и бережем нервы своего БП
Power supply units

Bipolar power supply unit with independent +5V line. Version 1

Bipolar power supply unit with independent +5V line

Serge resonant equalizer

Unique ten-band filter designed specifically for electronic sound synthesis and processing
Electromagnetic interference filters

PSU input EMI-filer «Apeiron»

Эффективная борьба с электромагнитными помехами и перепадами напряжения

For those who are touched by Thyrsus ...

I am slowly selling off the remnants and surpluses of stock from my own reserves, which are kept in absolutely perfect storage conditions at my house in Zheleznodorozhny, Moscow region. The majority of these have been checked by me personally in the live devices  that I have assembled or am assembling now. All prices, photos and quantities mentioned were absolutely correct at the time of writing, but if you are going to make a large order, it is better not to pay for it immediately, but rather to check with me first, because it is possible that, in the intervening day or two, I may have already soldered some parts into the latest assembly.