Триггер D-типа х 4
Производитель: Harris
Доступность: 100 в наличии
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The CD4042BE is a CMOS Quad-clocked 'D' Latch, each strobed by a common clock. Complementary buffered outputs are available from each circuit. The impedance of the n and p-channel output devices is balanced and all outputs are electrically identical. Information present at the data input is transferred to outputs Q and Q\ during the CLOCK level which is programmed by the POLARITY input. For POLARITY=0 the transfer occurs during the 0 CLOCK level and for POLARITY=1 the transfer occurs during the 1 CLOCK level. The outputs follow the data input providing the CLOCK and POLARITY levels defined above are present. When a CLOCK transition occurs (positive for POLARITY=0 and negative for POLARITY=1) the information present at the input during the CLOCK transition is retained at the output until an opposite CLOCK transition occurs.